Sazerac Barrel Select is your gateway to the most extraordinary private barrels from Sazerac’s world-class distilleries around the globe.

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    Creating an SBS membership account is easy and it’s complimentary. It’s where every barrel journey begins. 

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  • Accumulate SBS Points & Year-Round Benefits

    Every customer with a Sazerac Barrel Select account will begin collecting points that will accumulate over time and only reset upon the purchase of a barrel. The more points an account holder has, the greater chance of purchasing a barrel.

    Accumulate SBS Points & Year-Round Benefits
  • Enter the Quarterly SBS Drawing

    Each SBS point translates to 1 entry into our new drawing events that happen four times a year. The more points you have, the greater your chance of purchasing a barrel. When your account number is drawn, there will be a barrel waiting for you.

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    You’ll have 30 days to pick a date & time that works for you and up to 7 additional guests of your choice. You’ll also get access to one-of-a-kind barrel woodcraft and exclusive tour opportunities.

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    You’ll identify a retailer of your choice from which you’ll take delivery.



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  • Visit, Taste and Select Your Barrel

    The big day - you’ll enjoy an exclusive, private and personalized tour of our distillery before joining our distillery experts in the tasting room, then thieving from 3-4 barrels to taste and select your personal barrel.

  • Personalize Your Bottle

    Once a barrel has been selected you will be prompted to log into your SBS profile and personalize the barrel you chose. 

  • Track your Barrel’s Journey

    Once your have personalized your order we will give you insight into tracking your barrel’s 16-20 week journey as your barrel is hand bottled and prepped for shipping.

    Track your Barrel’s Journey
  • Pay for & Receive Your Bottles + Barrel

    After we bottle your barrel, your bottled spirit and empty barrel are shipped to a local retailer. You’ll purchase directly from your local retailer at this time, payment due upon delivery.

    Pay for & Receive  Your Bottles + Barrel


The cost of our barrels can vary as each barrel may yield between 160-240 bottles. The best way to determine the estimated cost of a barrel is to take the price per bottle (this also varies depending on brand) and multiply by the number of bottles the barrel yields. For example, a barrel of Buffalo Trace would be an estimated $4,320-$6,480. Please note, the price you will pay per bottle is agreed between you and your selected retailer.


Great question! We do not require a deposit; however, some retailers may request a deposit before agreeing to facilitate the purchase of your barrel. Please check with your preferred retailer to learn more. 

Yes! Your empty barrel is included in your purchase. We now offer a new wood crafting option! If you’d like our expert craftsmen to make your barrel into something custom for you, we will be happy to do so. Please note, this does have an additional cost associated with it. We will be happy to discuss this further if this is of interest to you. 

No, you will purchase through a retailer of your choice. In the US, all sales must be made through a licensed retailer as it is illegal for us to sale direct to consumers. 

Unfortunately, no. Once you select your barrel, our team will begin preparing it for hand-bottling, and you will be asked to design your custom medallion to be placed on the bottles. However, the empty barrel is included in your order!

The yield varies barrel to barrel, and no two barrels produce a spirit with the exact same amount as a result. Most barrels will yield between 160-240 bottles. We do offer estimated yields per brand and that can be found on the spirits page.

You’ll be able to design a personalized medallion through an automated system. The personalized medallions do vary by brand, but all will allow you to include an image and/or verbiage of your choosing.


All products must be bottled in our approved bottles; however, you will be able to personalize the medallions that will go on each bottle!

No, each barrel is bottled at the established proof based on the brand.

Once a barrel is selected and your bottles are personalized, you can expect to receive your bottles and empty barrel within 16 to 20 weeks.